Herston First Steps has an incredibly diverse team which makes for a wonderfully rich learning environment. Our educators have many and varied levels of experience and qualification and come from very diverse backgrounds – these qualities bring exciting potential to the learning environment as children and educators engage in play and conversation to share knowledge and learn together.

Our core educators (the team members you'll see day to day) share a roster that allows parents to catch up with at least one of their child's educators in most cases – in those cases where families cannot catch up with their child's educators in person there are communication books for written messages in each room, you can have another educator jot a note on the message board, you can send an email or make a phone call during the day to pass on any important information or suggestions for the program.

Our relief educators are needed to fill in for core educators when they're on leave. We have a small pool of reliable relief educators who have been with us for some time and we inform families of any relief staff present for the day via charts at each rooms entrance.

 Liesl Philpott- Centre Director

Hi, I am the Nominated Supervisor here at Herston’s First steps.  I have 16 years’ experience in the Early Childhood Sector and hold my Diploma in Children Services. I have held a number of roles throughout the years to promote and develop children's growth and learning development.

I have gained valuable experience and passion for my job and I feel great pride in having the opportunity to work in such a beautiful centre here in Herston and look forward to getting to know all the families here at Herston First Steps.

It is my pleasure of leading the children, families and educators on a new journey – to create a place where children and families are involved, valued and become a part of the centre community.

The early years of a child's life are a time of almost immeasurable learning and development – my goal is for Herston First Steps to be the place that, in partnership with families, builds the strong foundation from which children will go on to develop into confident, active, resilient and successful learners

I Strive to provide a welcoming and relaxed environment that allows parents and Families to express ideas, suggestions and get involved in their children’s learning, I believe as educators we foster the children’s needs and interests through an emergent curriculum, while always focusing on building respectful and genuine relationships. My aim is to ensure we provide the highest quality education and care for our children. You can be rest assured that your little one will have the best start in life, here with us at Herston’s First Steps.

I look forward to meeting you.