Our centre provides:

  • Morning Tea, Lunch, afternoon tea cooked on site by our chef. We are able to cater for special dietary requirements and all stages of eating development for infants.
  • Nappies and fragrance free, sensitive baby wipes
  • Sunscreen provided
  • Extra curricula activities (child's participation at parents discretion and cost)
  • Physi Kids
  • Kindergarten Children enjoy Art Classes weekly (funded by Kindy Program)
  • Interactive SMART board
  • Coming soon: Bush kindy program and swimming lessons

Fee Structure

Nursery 1 (6weeks – 12months) - $115/day

Nursery 2 (12months – 24months) - $115/day

Toddlers (15months – 24months) - $115/day

Tykes (24months – 3years) - $110/day

Pre Kindy (3years – 4years) - $110/day

Kindergarten (4years to 5years) - $110/day

Flat rate no CCS - $85/day